Mactac Answers Call for Increase of Security Labels on Food Applications

STOW, Ohio – Answering the increasing need for security labels on unique food applications, Mactac® offers food security labels to ensure your food delivery arrives safely to its destination.

Designed for applications such as pizza box closures, paper bag closures, grocery delivery, grocery pickup and shipping labels, Mactac’s food security labels enhance food safety and security. Security closure labels give customers peace-of-mind that food hasn’t been tampered with or sampled.

“Mactac’s food security labels are a cost-effective, basic means of improving product security,” says Kim Hensley, Senior Marketing Manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “For example, tamper-evident labels make consumers aware that a product or enclosure has been accessed when it shouldn’t have been, enhancing consumer safety.”

Mactac’s custom food security labels are tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer and application.

Recommended labelstocks include Mactac’s LINTEC® non-vinyl tamper-evident labelstock, film labelstocks and direct thermal and thermal transfer labelstocks. Additionally, recommended adhesives for these important applications, include Mactac’s:

    • Featuring a versatile temperate range spanning -65 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit, CHILL AT is formulated for demanding cold temperature applications while also delivering superior adhesion at room temperature. Typically used in refrigerated and frozen foods, meat and poultry, cheese, and corrugate labeling, it performs exceptionally well on low-surface energy substrates.
  • CHILL AT Extreme
    • Offers all the benefits of CHILL AT, but with even more adhesion mass for even more demanding applications. Also designed for cold and damp labeling applications, it delivers excellent performance in standard temperatures as well as freezer-grade temperatures. Has outstanding tack and ultimate adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper and corrugate.
  • ST95
    • A permanent acrylic emulsion adhesive, ST95 features aggressive initial tack, excellent ultimate adhesion and mandrel hold. It offers very good adhesion to corrugated, glass and various plastic substrates.

Mactac’s full line of LINTEC® security labels include solutions such as those that irreparably break upon removal attempts, as well as permanent adhesives that leave behind residue – providing a clear indication of when fraudulent tampering is attempted and preventing the reuse or reapplication of labels.

For more information on the Mactac’s food security labels from Mactac Performance Adhesives Group, call 800-255-9733, email [email protected] or visit