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OODLES Media Meets Elevator Wrap Compliance Requirements

Mactac® Distributor Products announces its OODLES multi-print wall media has earned UL 10b and 10c certification, meeting the latest compliance requirements for out-facing elevator door applications.

Compliance is necessary for any elevator wraps being used in the healthcare industry, such as in hospitals and other care facilities. Earlier this year, The Joint Commission, a leading accreditation and regulating body in healthcare, changed the fire rating for elevator doors, requiring the UL 10b and 10c certification to apply graphics materials on outside-facing doors. Compliance is also recommended for outdoor elevator graphics in schools, universities, hotels, and other similar buildings and facilities.

“Customers can now confidently apply Mactac OODLES media to elevator doors within these settings and have peace of mind knowing that they are in compliance with the required safety standards,” says Amanda Smith, Product Manager, Mactac Distributor Products. “The certification adds to the versatility OODLES media already delivers.”

IMAGin® wallNOODLE®, ROODLE®, and permanent wallNOODLE also meet ANSI Class A, NFPA Class A, and ICB Class 1 for flame spread and smoke density, tested under ASTM E-84. Additionally, OODLES media is phthalate-free.

Designed for removable wall graphic applications on smooth, flat surfaces, wallNOODLE (WN628) and ROODLE (RO628) offer superior print performance and are compatible with wide-format solvent, UV, and latex printing, as well as screen and offset printing. They feature a 6.0-mil semi-rigid white vinyl and a high-performance 90# SuperFlat™ liner for easy handling. ROODLE is ideal for graphics requiring flush edge printing and wallNOODLE is Mactac’s original, customer-favorite wall mural/poster stock.

Certification also applies to Mactac’s permanent wallNOODLE (PN628), which features a permanent acrylic adhesive for long-lasting decals, signage, and wall graphics.

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