Interior Mounting Solutions Utilizing Mactac 555

Ross Burnham 3/26/2024

For many years, both OEM’s and fabricators have relied on the performance of Mactac ultra 555 pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for their most challenging applications.

This high performance, high shear rubber based adhesive platform is used to mount a broad range of substrates in the following applications: Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Acoustic Paneling, Sound Dampening, Mirror mounting, Shiplap & Decorative Paneling, Interior ADA Signage & Display, Hotel Shower Dispenser.

Ultra 555 is a permanent adhesive with exceptional cohesive strength that resists creep. Instantly bonds to many hard-to-stick surfaces including low VOC paints, powder-coated painted metal, and low surface energy plastics. The service temperature rating is from 0 °F to 190 °F.

Double-coated tape constructions are available utilizing 0.5 mil PET (low profile) and foam carriers that offer gap-filling and cushioning properties.

Pressure-sensitive tapes eliminate the mess and wait time of using liquid adhesives while providing uniform performance and consistency. Many of those liquid adhesives are high in VOC content and can be difficult to work with.

Mactac tapes are manufactured in the U.S. and slit down to your specific project requirements.

We are here to help you with your next project platform.  Have a question or a specific application question? Let us know, we are happy to assist.

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