New Distributor Partnership Program

Mactac® Distributor Products announces the launch of a new distributor partnership program that offers distributors curated customer marketing resources.

Participating graphics industry distributors receive co-branded Mactac marketing materials that can be shared with their customers as desired. The materials are designed to educate distributors’ customers on Mactac products, and further promote products that are available for purchase.

“As part of our customer service model, we want to make it as easy as possible for distributors to have the tools and resources they need to promote products to their customers,” says Amanda Smith, Product Manager, Mactac Distributor Products. “Through these monthly communications, we are providing distributors with precise messaging on Mactac products, which they can then share on their websites, social media channels, and other marketing platforms.”

Simplifying the advertising process, distributors have access to a comprehensive database of Mactac content and images. Accessible anytime, they have the option to pick and choose products they would like to promote when it best suits them. Examples of provided content resources include advertisements, banners, product description text, and more.

In addition to enhancing Mactac’s distributor relationships, Mactac anticipates the partnership program will also provide distributors more time to engage with and educate their customers, increasing opportunities to assist customers in finding material solutions to meet project needs.

For those interested in receiving these promotional materials, please complete and submit Mactac’s contact us form at