Weather-Resistant DEVO Wall Mural

Challenge: Improve the aesthetics of downtown storefronts with a weather-resistant wall mural that positively impacts the community

Customer: Central Graphics Group and Akron Civic Theatre

Application: Wall mural standing approximately 192” high x 174” wide on storefronts outside Akron Civic Theatre

Solution: Mactac® REBEL™ Multi-Print Media and PERMACOLOR® ColorGard® LUV™

Project Summary:

The historic Akron Civic Theatre, built in 1929 on Main Street, Akron, Ohio, was exploring ways to improve the aesthetics of run-down store fronts dating back to the early 1900s within the heart of the city. After uncovering the iconic photo of Devo, an American rock band formed in 1972 with members from Kent and Akron, Ohio, the theatre commissioned the Akron Summit County Convention and Visitors Bureau to fund a wall mural.

“The photo of Devo, taken in front of a downtown Akron eatery, is fun, quirky and graphically appealing,” said Lisa Martinez, development, Akron Civic Theatre. “Our goal was to connect the city to the Civic, and the photo is iconic of not only Devo, but also of the time period. Devo played at the Civic many times back in the day and is one of the local bands that made it to the national stage.”

Long-time partner Central Graphics selected Mactac’s tried-and-true REBEL Multi-Print Media and PERMACOLOR ColorGard LUV overlaminate for the job as the economical solution that they knew would withstand the extreme weather conditions of each season. They also needed a tried-and-true media guaranteed for a variety of application materials from degraded plywood and glass to metal and marble.

“Mactac was readily available to offer us installation tips for the challenges that we faced during the installation phase,” said Jeff Loofboro, Central Graphics. “The substrates we needed to mount the panels of the mural to were in poor condition and uneven, requiring a lot of shimming and replacing throughout the process. In the end, the mural generated buzz throughout local news and on social media.”

Available in high-performance, intermediate and promotional vinyl films with high-tack, permanent and removable adhesives, REBEL Multi-Print Media is designed to be a go-to solution for any graphics application. REBEL can be digitally produced or screen-printed for labels, decals, markings, point-of-purchase displays and signs for indoor and outdoor use. For ultimate results, PERMACOLOR ColorGard LUV overlaminate provides superior protection and color enhancement with fast, efficient results, quick wet-out and non-silvering properties and is available in gloss, matte and lustre.