Removable Transit Bus Floor Graphics

Challenge: Installing safe, durable, visually appealing floor graphic art exhibits in two heavily trafficked, 60-foot-long commuter train cars

Customer: SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Atlanta; Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Application: Floor graphics

Solution:REBEL® 528R Removable Print Vinyl; PERMACOLOR® PermaFlex® PF6315 Overlaminating Film

Project Summary:

Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) is a non-profit group based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to the cultivation of the photographic arts and the enrichment of the Atlanta arts community. The group puts together community-oriented arts events and exhibits throughout the year, including “Art Cars”—rolling art exhibits on commuter train cars—in partnership with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). In 2017, ACP decided to publicly display curated work by local high school students on the Art Cars that showcased life in “Everyday Atlanta,” and they turned to a trusted resource for the graphics installation—SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Atlanta.

“We worked with a photographer two years ago to install graphic products as part of the Art Car project, and this year ACP came to us for installations in two more MARTA cars,” explained David Hightower, Owner of SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Atlanta. “We carefully researched the right materials for the job two years ago, and we chose REBEL 528R Removable Print Vinyl and PERMACOLOR PermaFlex PF6315 Overlaminating Film from Mactac for floor graphics. ACP chose to work with us again in 2017 in part because the products performed so well the first time.”

Part of the Art Car project included the installation of 24-inch-wide floor graphic products throughout two 60-foot train cars, which posed a few specific challenges. First, the application required a vinyl product that would print well, lay flat (without bubbles) and look great all the way down the length of the train cars. Secondly, the choice of overlaminate was important, as it needed to have the durability to protect the artwork from high foot traffic while also demonstrating superior slip resistance properties. Finally, the graphic products had to be easily removed at the end of the public exhibition period, leaving no residue behind.

“We worked with our Mactac regional representatives, who has also become good friends over the years,” explained Hightower. “They helped us find the ideal products for this application, and they helped coordinate a direct order from Mactac when our distributor did not carry the specific REBEL product we needed. Went so far as personally helping us with the product installation at the MARTA maintenance platform—showing the sort of professionalism, consultation and service we have come to expect when working with Mactac.”

The final result was a beautiful “Everyday Atlanta” public art installation that could be safely enjoyed by commuters over the course of the exhibit’s week-long run. “The products printed and applied well, and all expectations were met or exceeded,” Hightower concluded. “We have been using Mactac products for more than six years, and we would definitely do so again.”


Features and Benefits

How It was Utilized by

SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Atlanta

REBEL® 528R Vinyl

RB528R is a 4-mil soft, non-top coated, opaque matte white polymeric stabilized vinyl coated

with a clear acrylic removable adhesive. The liner is a 90# SuperFlat™, C2S polycoat that

provides excellent lay flat. This durable flexible vinyl has good outdoor durability. The adhesive

has a moderate initial tack and maintains an even low strength bond with good resistance to

creep, solvents, and heat.

A collection of photographs from local high school students and photographers was printed onto the vinyl product and displayed as floor graphics in two 60-foot train cars.

PERMACOLOR® PermaFlex® PF6315 Overlaminate

PF6315 overlaminating film is a 5-mil clear PVC film with a lustre textured finish to eliminate glare and provide a very unique and pleasing viewing surface. This product can be used as an overlaminate for indoor applications, providing protection against abrasion, moisture, and color fade resulting from UV light exposure. It exceeds industry standards for slip resistance when tested according to BS7976-2.

This overlaminate was placed over the train car floor graphics to provide protection against abrasion caused by heavy foot traffic and to ensure the graphics were adequately slip-resistant.

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