Macbond® Arctic Tapes

These revolutionary MacBond Arctic tapes – which can be applied at temperatures as low as -10°F – enable customers to extend the winter season, work in colder conditions, or use one versatile cold bond adhesives for insulation and securement applications.


Mactac Macbond Arctic Tapes


  • Aggressive rubber-based adhesive
  • Good cohesive strength
  • Dimensionally stable liners


  • Minimum application temperature of -10°F/ -23°C
  • Approved for direct food contact - complies with FDA 175.125
  • Low surface energy adhesion
  • Bonds well to all paper & corrugate materials, including wax-coated corrugate
  • Exceptional performance on foams including XLPE, EPDM, EVA and Polyurethane materials

Macbond Arctic Sell Sheet

Part Number Product Name Description  Stock Type

Macbond Arctic MX10 2.0 mil Transfer Adhesive

2 mil Thick transfer adhesive coated on an 80# SCK release liner. Macbond Arctic MX10 adhesive is designed for outstanding performance in applications that require superior adhesion in cold or damp conditions. Minimum application temperature -10°F(-23°C).

Transfer Adhesive

Macbond Arctic MX10 Double Coated Tape

Double Coated tape designed for applications that require superior performance in cold, damp conditions. Macbond Arctic MX10 adhesive will bond at temperatures as low as -10°F (-23°C). 

Double Coated Tape

With a wide performance range (-65 to 150°F), Macbond Arctic bonds to many grades of foam and foam rubber, features exceptional LSE performance, and maintains high bond in cold, damp conditions.

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