Lessons in Layflat Laser Products

Manufacturers of layflat printing products take great strides to produce high-quality layflat printing products. Most notably, they develop facestocks and liners that are moisture-balanced – and they work diligently to precisely maintain that balance during coating and lamination processes.

For this reason, specifically, one of the greatest lessons for those in the laser printing business is:  do not use tinting, flood coating or large areas of ink coverage with layflat laser products.

When excessive moisture is added to a layflat laser product, the product loses its delicate moisture balance. Thus, instead of a product that lays flat, you will be left with one that curls.

If it is absolutely necessary to add tinting, flood coating or ink coverage to your print job, do your best to try to achieve the desired color and density with the smallest amount of ink/moisture possible. Here are a few tips:

  1. Due to the high viscosity of the inks, offset printing will likely be most successful.
  2. If printing via water-based flexographic printing, start with a 150-line anilox and try to go to a higher line, if possible. Also, attempt to dry the ink rapidly, but without excessive heat (Note: it is possible to go too far and drive moisture out of the material).
  3. Make sure to use inks designed for use in laser printers.

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