PERMAHOLD MacBond Acrylic High-Tack Double-Coated Film White Opaque

  • Adhesive Type: Permanent Acrylic
  • Brand Name: MacBond Acrylic, PERMAHOLD
  • Carrier: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Liner Category: 72# White Kraft
MacBond Acrylic High-Tack Double-Coated Film Opaque with 2.4-mils solvent-free pH-neutral permanent acrylic adhesive with non-yellowing properties. A 2.6-mil white opaque polypropylene carrier (an excellent backer in lieu of a white UV flood coat on CYMK prints). Two-side silicone-coated 72# poly-coated Kraft liner. With high initial tack, they adhere to a wide variety of smooth, rough, or uneven substrates, including printed UV inks.