Technical Assistance Guides

All Technical Assistance Guides are in PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the PDF.  Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Now.


EFI Jetrion Product Recommendations

Mactac Product Recommendations for EFI Jetrion Printers

Primera CX1200 Product Recommendations

Mactac Product Recommendations for Primera CX1200 Printers

Xeikon Product Recommendations

Domino Product

Mactac Product Recommendations for Xeikon Printers

Mactac Product Recommendations for Domino Printers

MACcopy Laser Printer

Mactac MACcopy Stock Recommendations for Toner Fusion Copiers and Printers.

MACjet Ink Jet Printer

Mactac MACjet Stock Recommendations for Ink Jet Printers.

Laser and Ink Jet Labels

Mactac guide for choosing the correct laser or ink jet label.

High Speed Converting

Tips on Optimizing your Press for High Speed Converting



FDA Compliance Chart

Data sheet containing Mactac product specifications for FDA requirements.


Bisphenol-A Declaration 

Bemis Company, Inc.'s statement on the use and

presence of Bisphenol-A.

UL Guide

Mactac Durable Films Guide to UL regulations

BS5609 Report

Mactac Durable Films and ITW BS5609 Report

BS5609 Report Red Text

Roll Label Splicing

Mactac FCD6914 and ITW BS5609 Report for red text only.

Standard Operating Procedure - Splice Specifications