Adhesive Solutions for Solar Cell Assembly

A long-time innovator and provider of customized assembly solutions, MACtac® Specialty Products now offers a new line of solutions for solar-cell assembly, enabling customers to turn light into clean, affordable energy from start to finish, with options for concentrating, flat and flexible solar applications, such as:

- high-ranging temperatures and environmental conditions, withstanding dry desert heat or extreme cold for concentrating and flexible applications;

- secure slanted, concentrated solar energy mirrors in place to heat water or direct light toward one source;

- flat solar energy for rooftop applications;

- and flexible solar energy for remote locations, transportability and charging small appliances such as cell phones and travel lights.

Areas MACtac Adhesives are Used in Solar Cell Assembly

MACtac's solar-cell product line includes:

SOLARHOLD™, Cell Holding Tape


SOLARFAST™, UV Cure Adhesive System

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