Thursday, April 12, 2007 02:06 PM Age: 11 yrs

MACtac Open-Image Warranty™: Simplicity and Peace of Mind



Your image is your business. With so much riding on the quality of your work and the wide variety of available printer, ink and media options, MACtac® has you covered with the new Open-Image Warranty™ – which covers any combination of printer and ink used with MACtac’s graphic media.

“MACtac has always had a series of excellent warranties, but we developed the Open- Image Warranty to simplify our program and provide customers with a brand new concept of protection,” said Jeff Stadelman, technical marketing manager, MACtac Graphic Products. “Of course, we never want a customer to have product issues, but in the event of a valid claim, the compensation structure takes into account that the liability is more than just media and laminate. Essentially, you choose the system that best fits your business, and MACtac will supply the peace of mind that it will work.”

MACtac product lines that fall under the Open-Image Warranty include: IMAGin® digital media, Permacolor® mounting and laminating films, MACmark® cut vinyl films and MACscreen® screen printable films. In addition, MACtac has application-specific warranties for floor graphics and vehicle wraps, as well as joint warranties with ink and printer suppliers – all of which fall under the ever-expanding concept of Open-Image.

 “The Open-Image Warranty is not limited to previously endorsed or tested systems,” Stadelman added. “Customers can bring us a sample of their chosen system and MACtac will run a series of tests to ensure the combination works. If it works, we will cover it under the warranty, and if not, we will make an alternative recommendation. Peace of mind is just that simple.”

In addition to the Open-Image Warranty, MACtac continually partners popular printer and ink suppliers to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

For more information on the Open-Image Warranty or any of the other joint warranties offered by MACtac, call a Graphics representative at 866.622.8223, e-mail