Thursday, April 12, 2007 01:58 PM Age: 11 yrs

MACbond Adhesive Strips: The Perfect Tool for Every Toolbox



Signage applications have a varying range of difficulty. However, regardless of the application, there is always one constant: the unknown. But what if you were prepared for the unknown? MACtac®, already a trusted name in the graphics industry with the success of IMAGin® and Permacolor®, has released MACbond® Adhesive Strips, an industrial-strength bonding adhesive available in easy to use 1-inch by 3-inch tabs or 1-inch by 60-inch rolls.

With an easy no mess, no wait bond and secure hold, MACbond Adhesive Strips provide an immediate, permanent bond without the drips, spills, stringy mess or ooze associated with other adhesive products, making them ideal for sign fabrication, banner seaming and point of purchase (POP) display installation – and a must have for your toolbox.

MACbond Adhesive Strips are acid-free and non-toxic, and feature a rubber-based, zero volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesive that is effective for adhering to metals, plastics and hard-to-stick substrates, such as low-density polyethylene, PVC and foam, and easily bonds uneven, irregular or low-energy surfaces.

According to Ross Burnham, vice president of new business development for MACtac, customers have come to expect superior performance and ease of use from MACtac products. MACbond Adhesive Strips are no exception. “The products’ origins are found within a specialized manufactured process and proven adhesive system that manufacturers have relied on for years. Now we’re able to offer that performance in a toolbox-friendly, easy-to-use form. Combined with the fact it’s more cost-effective because of time savings in manufacturing than traditional liquid fasteners, customers are eager to make it a staple for any job,” Burnham said.

MACbond Adhesive Strips feature an oversized liner for easy removal and added installation efficiency. They are available through graphics distributors in Contractor Packs (250 tabs), blister-card retail packs (eight tabs) and in 60-inch-long rolls.