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Double Coated Tapes - 2 Liners

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CB4190-2PET - LV840 Acrylic 1.2/1.2 DC (2) 2.0 mil PET
Double coated .5 mil PET coated on both sides with 1.2 mils of LV840 Acrylic Adhesive. The adhesive is protected by an 80# Natural PCK Liner.
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Adhesive Category Low VOC, High-Shear Acrylic Adhesive Service Range -40F - 300F
Adhesive Type Permanent Acrylic Certifications JIS A-1901
Ct Wt (mil) 1.2/1.2 Length 750'
Liner Category 2.0 mil Clear Polyester (PET) Width 60"

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