Double-Sided, Closed Cell PE Foam Tape

The MACmount® family of double-sided closed cell polyethylene foam tapes offers versatility for mounting, bonding and laminating applications. These highly conformable and compressible foam tapes provide superior shear strength when bringing together a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials. And, this conformability ensures excellent contact between even and uneven surfaces, and our wide range of thicknesses (20 to 125 ") provides excellent gap filling with larger sizes available for foam fabrication. MACmount products also provide edge-to-edge bonding for even distribution of stress between bonded surfaces.

MACmount foam tapes are available with both general and high-performance rubber-based adhesives, as well as high-performance acrylic-based adhesives that provide resistance to plasticizer migration.

Double-sided tapes are available in self-wound rolls with a single liner.

MACmount foam tapes are applicable in a variety of markets including:
  • Mounting for appliances. electronics, nameplates, construction, and transportation
  • Irregular surface bonding
  • Gasket Fabrication
  • Sound dampening
  • Sealing and cushioning
Rubber, Double-Sided Foams, Single Liner
Rubber, Double-Sided Foams, Single Liner
Acrylic, Double-Sided Foams, Single Liner
Acrylic, Double-Sided Foams, Single Liner