High-Strength Rubber Transfer Adhesive

High-strength adhesive transfer tapes are specially formulated to provide instant, aggressive tack and peel adhesion as well as superior shear strength. In fact, these tapes are durable enough to replace many mechanical fasteners.

These tapes are suitable for many substrates and can be applied without special equipment, contributing to increased savings in labor costs. With standard adhesive thicknesses of 5 to 50 mils, the tape has enough coat weight to easily establish secure bonds to uneven or irregular surfaces. A significant amount of pressure is needed to separate the strong bond that's formed using the high-stength adhesive, making it ideal for the permanent bonding of substrates in the assembly and manufacturing industries.

Our high-strength adhesive transfer tapes are available in self-wound rolls.

Applications include:
  • Architectural Signage
  • POP Display Fabrication
  • RV/Truck Assembly
  • Specialty Packaging
High-Strength Adhesive Tapes
High-Strength Adhesive Tapes