Mactac Launches XT High Performance Rubber Transfer Adhesives

New high strength transfer adhesive tapes provide increased customization, application versatility

Mactac® Technical Tapes Products has launched its latest high strength transfer adhesive tapes, known as XT High Performance Rubber Transfer Adhesives.

XT High Performance Rubber Transfer Adhesives are designed to bond to a wide variety of application substrates – from smooth to textured. They are ideal for foam bonding, product assembly, laminating, and signage and graphics mounting and are available in a 1.8-mil construction (IF1011-78) and a 2.6-mil construction (IF1013-78).

The new transfer adhesives feature Mactac’s proprietary MP593XT rubber adhesive. This aggressive yet versatile adhesive has high tack and peel properties, excellent shear strength and ultra-conformability. It is also easy to laminate and convert and provides exceptional performance on most textiles, foams and plastics.

The adhesive is protected by a two-side silicone-coated 78# white Super Calendered Kraft (SCK) liner, which enhances handling and die-cutting.


Mactac Introduces PERMACOLOR® Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Films

In response to customer demand for a film that protects graphic images and windows from graffiti, Mactac® Distributor Products has developed and launched PERMACOLOR® Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Films.

Available in three constructions, the new product line provides added durability to graphic images and windows by protecting against graffiti, scratches, acid etching gouges and tagging. The films also enhance a window’s ability to resist shattering, increasing safety and saving retailers and store owners hefty costs associated with replacing broken or damaged windows.

The optically clear films are paired with an optically clear permanent acrylic adhesive and a super smooth polyester liner. Film constructions include a 1.7-mil polyester (SAG36), 2.0-mil hard-coated polyester (SAG53) and 6.9-mil hard-coated polyester (SAG175).

The super smooth finish on the films makes it extremely easy to clean graffiti from graphics and glass. In instances where graphics need to be replaced, Mactac’s Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Films are simple to remove, providing fast graphic replacement. Additionally, the films help extend the life of display merchandise by blocking damaging UV light that can cause graphic fading.

For flawless wet-out, installers should apply the films to glass surfaces using wet application methods. Anti-Graffiti and Window Protection Films can also be applied over graphics as an overlaminate through a professional laminator.


Mactac CleanTape Product Line Wins Wide-Format & Signage 2017 Readers’ Choice Award

Today, Mactac announces its solvent-free, low-VOC CleanTape™ product line has received a 2017 Wide-Format & Signage Readers’ Choice Top Product Award.

According to Wide-Format & Signage, the annual Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards feature breakthrough products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to wide- and grand-format businesses throughout the prior year. Mactac received the award in the ‘Finishing: Equipment & Supplies’ category.

Mactac’s CleanTape line, which launched mid-2016, consists of a double-coated tape, known as CleanBond™ (CB418X-80 series) and a transfer adhesive, known as CleanFilm™ (CF408X-80 series).

Featuring acid-free acrylic adhesive technology, the products are coated with Mactac’s proprietary LV820 low-VOC adhesive that delivers non-migratory and non-leaching properties, and excellent tack and peel. The CleanTape line also exhibits outstanding chemical and UV resistance, provides superior strength and dimensional stability, and offers customers environmentally friendly solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Mactac will be presented with the award during the ISA International Sign Expo, taking place April 19-22 in Las Vegas.


Mactac Sheet Stocks Receive Rochester Institute of Technology Recertification for HP Indigo Presses

Mactac® Distributor Products announces recertification of numerous industry-leading sheets products by the highly respected Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) HP Indigo Media Certification Program.

Sheet stocks receiving recertification are part of Mactac’s customer-trusted STARLINER® premium product line and METRO® Digital value product line, and include:

• STARLINER Cinema®: bright, blue white cast coated gloss paper featuring a mirror finish.
• STARLINER Lyric®: matte coated paper with excellent smudge resistance for point-of-purchase (POP) and carton labels.
• STARLINER Matinee®: coated semi-gloss paper ideal for POP, product identification and packaging labels.
• STARLINER® Blinding White2: bright white premium uncoated smooth paper stock ideal for distinctive labels; accepts pen, pencil and other marking devices.
• STARLINER 7.0-mil Teslin®: synthetic stock featuring the high quality printability of fine paper and strength of films; ideal for tags, menus, maps and more.
• STARLINER® Preview: white premium coated tag stock for applications in need of good definition and stiffness or bulk.
• METRO® Digital High Gloss, Matte Litho and Uncoated Litho: pressure-sensitive sheets designed specifically for applications that require value and dependability.

After passing an initial screening, the recertified products underwent RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory’s rigorous testing process to evaluate runnability, ink-transferability, blanket-substrate compatibility, blanket-temperature operating window, and ink-substrate interaction (adhesion) on the following HP Indigo presses: 5000, 5500, 5600 Multi Shot, 7000, 7500, 7600, 7800 and 7900.

RIT’s well-known HP Indigo Media Certification Program is a thorough certification program that is highly regarded by paper merchants and users of HP Indigo presses.

Comprehensive product recertification reports are available through HP and RIT. Mactac’s sheets products are available in a variety of sizes and are ideal for a wide range of applications, including packaging and promotions, POP displays, shipping labels, and more.


Mactac Introduces Second-Surface Mounting Film with Revolutionary Self-Wetting Silicone Adhesive

Featuring a revolutionary self-wetting removable silicone adhesive, Mactac® introduces its latest innovation in second-surface mounting films – PERMACOLOR® ColorTrans™ CT2500.

Unlike any second-surface mounting film in the industry to date, ColorTrans CT2500’s unique self-wetting removable adhesive offers even the most novice installers an optically clear application of face-mounted images.

Similar to Mactac’s PERMACOLOR ColorTrans CT2200, the permanent/removable ColorTrans CT2500 is a 2.0-mil, super-clear polyester film that is equipped with two film release liners for an ultra-smooth surface. The revolutionary self-wetting removable silicone adhesive coats one side of the film while the other side is coated with an optically clear permanent acrylic adhesive.

It can be applied wet or dry and can be used wherever superior clarity and smoothness are required.

ColorTrans CT2500 offers up to 3 years outdoor durability, a 6-month clean removability from glass, Plexiglas® and acrylic sheeting surfaces, and features a 2-year shelf life. It is available in a roll size of 54” x 150’ (CT2554W54L150).

As with all of Mactac’s industry-leading PERMACOLOR mounting films, ColorTrans CT2500 offers excellent resistance to water, detergents, alcohol, some aliphatic solvents and fading caused by exposure to ultra-violet light.


Mactac Expands High Value, Low Cost METRO Pressure-Sensitive Sheet Line with New Removable Solutions

Mactac Distributor Products has expanded its high value, low cost METRO pressure-sensitive sheet line with the addition of 12 new removable products – known as METRO Removables.

The new METRO Removables were developed to offer customers even greater business opportunity in a wide range of applications, including point-of-purchase displays, package/product identification, and variable information printing on address, routing and shipping labels.

Mactac METRO Removables are designed to provide good adhesion, yet clean removability. They feature a UV-resistant acrylic emulsion adhesive, which is specially engineered with non-ooze properties to help reduce customer downtime by avoiding adhesive build-up during kiss cutting, die cutting or guillotine cutting processes.

METRO Removables sheets are available in an assortment of product constructions and finishes. They demonstrate outstanding lay-flat characteristics and are paired with an 80# liner for added stability and printability on offset and toner fusion presses. METRO Removables feature a 2-year shelf life.


Mactac Refines Industry Leading PERMACOLOR® Mounting Films Line

Mactac, an industry leader in the development of high quality mounting and laminating films, has refined its line of PERMACOLOR® Mounting Films to better help customers solve challenges quickly and confidently.

Now more streamlined, the product line still features the full gamut of mounting films customers know and expect from Mactac – but, delivers faster, easier access to the right solution, right away.

PERMACOLOR Mounting Films are used throughout the signage and digital graphics industry by sign shops, photo labs and others. The films are known for their superior adhesion and flawless results for face- and back-mounted graphic images.

They feature smooth, distortion-free mounting of digital, photographic, ink jet and screen-printed images for general purpose and optically clear applications. Additionally, PERMACOLOR Mounting Films are pH-neutral, making them compatible with sensitive paper substrates.

The product line includes a wide variety of solutions, such as the optically clear PermaTrans® IP2100, the high performance PermaPrint® IP5000 and Mactac’s latest innovation – ColorTrans™ CT2500, which features a revolutionary self-wetting removable silicone adhesive.

Mactac’s PERMACOLOR products provide fast, efficient processing through cold roll lamination techniques without the need for heat, drying or messy coating operations.


Mactac Releases New Foam Bonding Study Featuring Rogers Corporation PORON® Polyurethane Foam

Mactac, a leading pressure-sensitive adhesives supplier for gasket and foam fabricating applications, has released a new foam bonding study that helps customers pair Mactac’s advanced adhesives with Rogers Corporation PORON® polyurethane foams.

The study includes comprehensive laboratory testing of a number of Mactac’s best-selling rubber adhesives as well as its newest acrylic adhesives on popular grades of PORON polyurethane foams.

In addition to Mactac’s 593XT and MP899 rubber adhesives, PORON foams were also tested and paired with Mactac’s two newest acrylic adhesives: LV820 and MP410.

• LV820 Solvent-Free, Low-VOC Acrylic Adhesive The proprietary LV820 solvent-free, low-VOC acrylic adhesive is Mactac’s latest innovation in clean adhesive technology. Featured in the environmentally friendly CleanTape™ industrial tapes product line, LV820 adhesive products are available as double-coated tapes and transfer adhesives. LV820 delivers non-migratory and non-leaching properties, as well as excellent tack and peel performance. Additional benefits include:

o Superior strength and dimensional stability for ease of handling and die cutting
o Outstanding chemical and UV-resistance
o Excellent shear performance

• MP410 High-Tack Acrylic Adhesive Also solvent-free, Mactac’s MP410 high-tack acrylic adhesive was formulated using the company’s proprietary 100-percent solids adhesive technology. Available in a series of double-coated tapes and transfer adhesives, MP410 touts low levels of VOCs, migratory compounds and residuals. It is easy to handle and die-cut and also features:

o Excellent optical properties
o Adhesion performance superior to many traditional solvent acrylics
o Outstanding solvent, chemical and plasticizer resistance
o UV-resistance
o Wide performance range

To request the foam bonding study, or for more information about the high-quality materials available from Mactac Technical Tapes Products, call 800.255.9733, email or visit